Pulse Reverse Logistics

Pulse provides innovative reverse logistics solutions for your returned consumer goods. Our process includes the transportation of your equipment to our secure facility where it will be sorted, tested, graded, and inventoried into our asset management system. Once your product has been inventoried, our team of industry experts will consult with you to recycle, refurbish, or re-market these products through our multiple sales channels. If your company is looking for an efficient reverse logistics solution for your products, contact a member of our reverse logistics department for more informaion.


Pulse Mobile Devices

Pulse specializes in the purchasing, repair, refurbishing, data sanitizing and re-marketing of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and MP devices. Our team of experts are currently repairing devices that have broken screens, non-working parts and severe motherboard damage. If your company needs a solution for broken devices or devices that cannot be resold as a new product, contact a member of our mobile devices department and Pulse will offer you the highest market value for your product. If your company is interested in our services, contact a member of our mobile devices department for more information.